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Henna Storytelling

Imagine if you had several hours to sit with someone and listen to their story, while re-assuring them with your touch and sharing with them spiritually transforming concepts in the casual tone that defies barriers. Imagine if that person whom you have shared with would be able to have tangible reminders of your conversation–and how much you care–to reflect back upon during the following weeks. Imagine if she was also compelled to tell her friends about your conversation and the spirituality you had shared one afternoon.

Imagine if that storytelling were done in such a beautiful and creative way that it adorned that woman  as exemplar as a child of God.

In South Asia, there is a project to use henna art and storytelling to tell stories from the Bible and the gospel message.

Watch the video below to see  an artist telling the creation story leading up to sharing what God has done in Christ to bring creation back into relationship.

Follow this link to find out more about their henna storytelling project, see other videos, and artwork storytelling booklet with different designs and their explanation. They also encourage groups to practice henna themselves, as a way to acknowledge, remember, and pray for this ministry being done in South Asia. (Open this pdf to see other designs as well as find instruction materials for learning to do henna)

Here is an example of a piece called “Peace Through His Life” with explanations of the different images.

Peace Through His Life, an example of henna storytelling by a Christian artist

Visit the site above and see their other strategies.

What would this level of creative expression of the gospel look like in your context?

(Compliments to Redcliffe College Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission for sharing this link on their amazing blog site.)

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