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Qur’an Christology?

Adrian Warnock has a post about 11 things Muslims agree with Christians about Jesus. How can  a functioning Christology be made out of this to turn the corner from interfaith dialogue to ecumenical dialogue?

  1. That Jesus was a messenger of God  (Surah 2:136 and John 8:42)
  2. That Jesus is the Word of God (Surah 4:171 and John 1)
  3. That Jesus had a miraculous birth, born to the virgin Mary (see Surah 19:20 and Matthew 1:18-23)
  4. That Jesus promoted compassion and mercy (Surah 57:27 and Matthew 9:36)
  5. That Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead (Surah 3:49 and Luke 7)
  6. That Jesus performed miracles involving food. (Surah 5:112-115 and Matthew 15:32-38)
  7. That Jesus escaped death (we do, however, differ about how he did this)
  8. That Jesus ascended to heaven and is living there today  (Surah 3:55 and Acts 1)
  9. That Jesus will return to earth (Surah 43:61 and Acts 1)
  10. That Jesus mother should not be worshipped (Surah 5:116 and Luke 4:8)
  11. That the cross involved substitution [more on that here]

Or, to put the initial question a different way, what differentiates Islam from Christian groups which hesitate in differentiating members of the Trinity (like Unitarians) or hold a low-Christology or elevate their founding teacher’s interpretations on par with other scripture (like Lutherans or Calvinists)?

What roadblocks stand in the way to distinguishing an authentically Islamic Christian Theology?

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  1. anon says:

    As a Muslim—it always frustrates me when Christians spend their time debating things such as “Christology”, “Atonement theories” and various other doctrines—–Isn’t it more important to implement the ethico-moral teachings and wisdom of Jesus Christ(peace be upon him) ?. That would be more helpful to humanity.
    —for example, the economic system that both the Quran and Jesus Christ(pbuh) advocate for is a non-interest based system—such an economic system helps money to flow throughout society rather than stagnating in the hands of a few (rich)…..etc……..

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