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Thank you for your interest in contributing to GlobalTheology.org. It is only through your sharing that the community of this site can understand and appreciate the diversity of expression within the global church.

This page will hopefully answer any questions you have about sharing. Also, feel free to contact us by email: editor@globaltheology.org

Who can write for this site?

Anyone! If you are reading this page, you likely have an interest in the value that different perspectives bring to theology and Biblical interpretation. The goal of this site is to bring non-Western expression outside of a narrowly defined context and off of the pages of academic research and into the lives of Christians and into churches around the world.

We want primary sources of global theology to be able to share their perspectives directly with the community but also people to serve as secondary sources — as a voice for those who do not have access to communicating their perspective.

What type of content is this site looking for?

Currently, we have divided the site into categories of non-Western thought. Within those categories, we have notes of Theology and Biblical Interpretation. Within these streams, express your thoughts in 500-1500 words. The parameters of the site are held loosely so that there is as much freedom of expression as possible.

Who is reading this site?

By publishing online, access to this material is (hypothetically) universal. The dynamic of this element is that material written from one context may influence one never dreamt possible. This site will be frequented by pastors, students, teachers, and Christians interested in what is happening theologically within the global church.

Who owns the content?

Original contributors retain rights over the intellectual content shared on the site. If reproduced online, content must link to original post and note both original author and globaltheology.org site information. Reproduction in print is restricted to not-for-profit academic or ecclesiastical use and must give appropriate citation to author and globaltheology.org site information.

How do I send submissions?

All material should be emailed to editor@globaltheology.org. Post should be contained within email text (Emails from unknown senders with attachments WILL NOT BE OPENED). Please include pertinent biographical material such as name, location, education/professional/ministry experience, as well as any website information that would allow community members to know you better. This would include personal website, academic institute, church, or organization. If content is being re-posted elsewhere, please note the domain name in the email.

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